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Mobile Cath Lab Rentals

Mobile Cath Lab Rental Houston TX

Philips FD20 - Mobile Unit

Our Philips FD20 lab was completely refurbished and re-installed in 2018. Excellent image quality and dependability make this a perfect unit for Cardic and Peripheral procedures. It comes with a Maclab Hemodynamic system. This GE System is housed in an Oshkosh Mobile trailer that was also reconditioned in 2018.

Contact Wade Grimes to inquire about renting this GE Mobile unit.. (832) 922-5144


GE3100IQGE 3100IQ Mobile Cath Lab

Our GE3100IQ Mobile Cath Lab was completly refconditioned in 2019 and is available with a GE Maclab Hemodynamic system. This Mobile Unit is a workhorse for both Cardiac and Peripheral procedures.   We only offer top of the line Digital FD systems in our mobile labs.  

Call and ask to speak to Wade Grimes to inquire about renting one of these systems.

(832) 922-5144